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Liam (Prostate Surgery)


“I had surgery for prostate cancer and got such a shock afterwards when I realised I was wetting myself. I had treatment with Aoibhin to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. The help and support she gave me were invaluable”

Aideen (Pelvic Girdle Pain)


“I suffered with awful pelvic pain during my last pregnancy. I had physio at my local hospital but the exercises did not help the pain. My friend recommended Aoibhin to me and I never looked back. The pain settled down after 2 sessions with her."

Maria (Pelvic Pain)


“I had pelvic pain for over 15 years which I always thought was my endometriosis. Since attending Aoibhin for pelvic floor physio, my pain is almost gone and now I can have sex without pain! I wish I had known about pelvic floor physio sooner."

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