The goal of Physiotherapy is to teach you to regain control of your bladder. Treatment will always involve a lot of education, to teach you simple measures which can make a big impact on your bladder control.


PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES: Treatment is often focused around the pelvic floor muscles – the sling of muscles which help to support and control the bladder. You will be taught how to identify them and depending on your individualised assessment, you will be given a pelvic floor rehabilitation program. This may include pelvic floor relaxation and/or Kegel/ Pelvic Floor Exercises. Remember, everyone is different so treatment varies from person to person.

Equipment such as biofeedback,  Electrical Muscle Stimulation and  cones may be used as part of your treatment depending on the findings of your assessment. Click for more 

BLADDER TRAINING: The aim of Bladder Training is to improve bladder control and increase the amount of urine the bladder can comfortably hold without urgency / frequency or leakage of urine.

The programme teaches people to suppress the urgent desire to pass urine until a socially acceptable time and place is found. With people experiencing urgency or frequency, learning to "hold on" can be difficult but becomes easier with practice.



Throughout treatment you are given support and encouragement as you begin to learn and use new techniques to gain control of your bladder.